Download Zapya Apk Free Version 4.5.4 – Zapya Download – Install Zapya App

Download Zapya Apk Free Version 4.5.4 - Zapya Download - Install Zapya App

Download Zapya Apk Free Version 4.5.4 – Just in a click here you will download zapya apk for easy file transfer sharing, Get free zapya window app download, Install zapya app on every mobile device.

Download Zapya Apk Free Version 4.5.4 - Zapya Download - Install Zapya App

Zapya is a fastest wireless file transfer app that accommodates over 30 million users.  Zapya PC Apps supports so many things such as transferring photos, videos, apps music, PDF and much more file formats.

Zapya download is compatible with sharing even larger files in an instant with 10 Mbps top speed. Zapya Apk is a fast file sharing app that allows transferring files between Android, iOS , Windows mobiles, Windows and Mac PCs.

Having know from the zapya introduction that is world wide fastest app that allows free file sharing from a particular device to another in a very high speed.

Below here we shall be looking into the features that makes zapya apk download a very interesting app to install on your mobile devices.

Download Zapya Apk Free Version 4.5.4 Features

  • Zapya allows group sharing
  • Share without cables an no limit on sharing
  • Free to download and install zapya from google play store and itunes
  • Phone replicate
  • Peer Cam – Control the camera of another connected device to view and take photos remotely.
  • Offline Chat – No Internet? No problem. Besides sharing files, you can do text chat and share streaming video/audio with nearby friends!
  • QR Code Sharing – Generate personalized QR Codes and share content through QR codes!
  • Fast transferring speeds – The fastest file transfer application out there, Up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth!
  • Save money on costly mobile data charges – Transfer files without a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi connection.

Below here we shall be taking you step by step on how to transfer file to another device using zapya app.

Steps To Transfer Files Using Zapya Apps

  1.  Download Zapya and install the app on the both mobile devices.
  2. Establish the connection between two devices through the same Wi-Fi.
  3. After the connection has been established, run Zapya on both mobile devices.
  4. On android mobile tap “Create Group” button.
  5. Tap Menu button at the top right and select “Connect to iOS Device”.
  6. Then you will see name of the network and the host device.
  7. On the other device connect to the Wi-Fi network and then run Zapya android.
  8. Select “Search and Join” form the pop up menu and select the device name on the app.
  9. Now the connection has been establish between the two devices and you can start sharing the files.
  10. Swipe the main screen to either left or right to switch between the categories.
  11. Swipe to the right and get a new screen and search for the file needed.
  12. To share the files, tap on the file and select “Send” from the pop up menu. (If you need to share more files tap “Multi” tap the multiple files needed to be shared)
  13. On the other device, a message will appear displaying the files are being transferred and progress bar start filling.
  14. In case of canceling the download tap on “Cancel” on one device.

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